Fat Gold Chain is a low-fi outfit whose gritty aesthetic and killer beats produce a sound that will have you shaking your thing. Comprised of Kanchana Karunaratna and Jacob Kinniburgh, from Sri Lanka and country Victoria respectively, the two started a musical conversation in Ghana, where they first met, and haven’t stopped talking since. Working together has led them to new explorations and a thrilling musical blend of electronic 80s pop with soul and hip-hop rhythms.

The duo seeks out the music that crouches in cracked concrete, pocked bitumen and broken street lights, the beats that hum through the hustler on the corner trying to peddle you a fake watch. Their sound is for the fiercely independent who are busting their guts chasing small dreams, doing whatever’s needed to get what they want.

Street jazz nerds who’ve come to hip hop, Kanchana and Jacob have taken things back to basics to take you to the place you want to be. For the music palate, think Hot Chip, think MIA sans vocals, think Gorillaz. The vocals are inward, voiced out of the limelight; the stories they tell are about the rebel and the renegade who turns his back on the constructs of society, and all of them are shot through with an earthy vibe to make the lions roar. By running global pop culture through the filter of 80s-inspired electronic sounds and the grit of hip-hop origins, Fat Gold Chain pays homage to bygone eras while also beating a path to a post-dubstep, post-hip-hop future of dance music.

Armed with a broken-skin drum and an MPC sampler, Kanchana and Jacob are doing what they can to get where they want to be. They don’t know if there will be happiness at the end of it but they’re doing it anyway – just don’t ask them to stop and think too much about it.

Fat Gold Chain’s highly anticipated follow up EP ‘Fallen’ will be released mid 2013. Their first single from their forthcoming EP, ‘So Begins The Hunt’ is now available on SoundCloud and Bandcamp

The Fat Gold Chain debut EP is out now.